Delicate Accords of the Summer

Cool, dew-kissed mornings and sun-soaked days are here-the balmy embrace of summer has arrived. The natural scents of life seem to awaken under the summer heat. Gardens warmed by hours of golden sun exude aromas of delicate florals and bright greens. Ripe fruits and sweets tumble from overflowing picnic baskets and the air itself carries a spray of sea salt. Capture the essence of sun-soaked summer scents with the fragrances of the season:

Mango Skin

More than just a perfume; it is an olfactory escape that transports a voyage to a lush, tropical oasis, where the air is thick with the scent of ripe fruits and blooming flowers, with atmosphere enveloped with warmth and vibrancy. It is a celebration of life's most indulgent pleasures, captured in a scent that is both intoxicatingly sweet yet seductively complex and sophisticated.

Room Service

A warm bath is filled with fragrant flower petals, the aromatic steam rising and mingling with the sweet scents of mandarin and blackberry, diffusing the soft evening light streaming through the hotel room window. Room Service is a soft caress of luxury and indulgence-a tribute to Greta Garbo, who chose herself over the allure of Hollywood.

Black Citrus

A sudden summer storm attacks, warm and humid. Yet the focus falls not on the storm itself, but on that which the storm triumphantly leaves in its wake. As the storm passes, silence falls over damp streets, leaving the lingering scent of bright victory: cardamom, bergamot, birch, and patchouli.

Sparkling Jo

An ode to summer happy hours, champagne and laughter spills from rooftop decks in sparkling dew drops. Sparkling Jo is golden fireworks on the Fourth of July and summer parties stretching deep into balmy nights. If you've ever wondered what liquid gold smells like, it's champagne and bergamot melting into pear and ginger with a lingering musk and oakwood.

Opus Kore

 The gift of Persephone: an abundant basket filled with the fruits of spring melting into a rich summer. A breeze of Sicilian lemon and acai awakens the senses and blooms into raspberry and magnolia, leaving behind a soft mist of sandalwood and crisp amber. Harness the essence of the bounties of spring and carry them into the warmth of summer.

Celebrate the arrival of summer and watch these scents bloom under the gaze of the sun.